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Stroke and Neuro Intervention Clinic was established by Dr.Vikram Huded, Sr Consultant and Head of Neurology, NH institute of Neuroscience Bangalore, with an aim to spread awareness amongst the public and to popularize the field of Neurovascular Interventions. Specialists in our Clinic are leaders in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of Neurovascular disorders like Brain stroke, Brain Aneurysms, AVMs, Dural fistulas etc. Patients may undergo a comprehensive evaluation and treatment in the Clinic.

Temporary Endovascular Bypass

First Neurointerventionist to do temporary endovascular bypass (Solitaire stent) in acute stroke in INDIA.

Stent Retriever

First Neurointerventionist to use stent retriever in 6year Child in ASIA.

Brain Aneurysm

First few in asia to use contour device for brain aneurysm.

Stroke Specialist

Dr. Vikram Huded

Dr. Vikram Huded

Interventional Neurologist and Stroke Specialist

Dr. Vikram Huded is a renowned Sr Consultant currently based in Bangalore. He is currently serving as the Head of Interventional Neurology and Stroke at NH Institute of Neurosciences, Mazumdar Shaw Medical Center, NH health City, Bangalore.

1. First Interventional Neurologist to do temporary endovascular bypass (Solitaire stent) in acute stroke in INDIA and has the maximum number of cases of temporary endovascular bypass in India.

2. First neuro interventionist to use stent retriever in a child in ASIA

3. Awarded First prize for creating stroke awareness on world stroke day in India given by Indian Stroke Association – 2011 (ISA Conference)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Interventional Neurology?

    It is a specialty which uses minimally invasive and image-based technologies/procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of blood vessels of brain and spinal cord (Neurovascular diseases). These diseases include paralytic strokes, brain aneurysms, dural fistulas and arterio-venous malformations (AVM’s) of blood vessels supplying the brain and spinal cord using Coiling, Stenting and Embolizations.

    Stroke “Brain Attack”

    Stroke is the rapidly developing loss of brain function(s) due to disturbance in the blood supply to the brain. Is the first leading cause of disability and third leading cause of death in India. The prevalence rate of stroke is 1.54 per thousand. India will face an enormous socio-economic burden to meet the costs of rehabilitation of “stroke victims” because the population is now surviving through the peak years (age 55-65) of occurrence of stroke

  • There are two types of strokes

    1. Ischemic stroke – where there is a block in a vessel which supplies the brain. (70-80% of strokes are ischemic)
    2. Hemorrhagic stroke (Brain hemorrhage) - bleeding in to the brain due to rupture of blood vessel in the brain.

  • Weakness in limbs, difficulty in speaking, loss of vision, Imbalance, decreased sensation, double vision, severe headache and vomiting, loss of consciousness, epileptic fit etc.

  • If the patient is brought to the hospital immediately after a stroke, it can be reversed in majority of cases by reopening of the blocked vessel by dissolving the clot. This should be done within three to six hours of symptom onset and in some cases upto 24 hours.

  • YES.
    1. Carotid and intracranial stenting.
    A narrowed blood vessel leads to blocking of the artery or small clot in the artery which may block the blood supply to the brain, leading to stroke. To prevent the stroke the blood vessel needs to be dilated with stenting.
    2. Control of risk factors
    3. Appropriate medications

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Rahul Roy

Rahul Roy

Bangalore, India

Doctor Huded performed a stent-assisted coiling procedure on me on 08Mar14 for a brain aneurysm. After meeting a couple of doctors for this procedure in the city I went to Narayan Health due to its reputation and news articles I had read on Doctor Huded. His quiet confidence and experience with coiling procedures helped make up my mind and I got admitted immediately. Despite some small complications Dr. Huded managed to successfully complete the procedure. I wish him all the best and may his tribe prosper!!

Venkat Ponnusami

Venkat Ponnusami

Bangalore, India

Had consulted Dr. Vikram Huded for my Father Ponnusami on 11th Feb 2015 and follow-up review on 13th Feb 2015 at Narayana hrudayalaya Bommasandra , Bangalore.

He took the time to understand my Father’s stroke history. Also on the follow-up review after the MRI, he spends more time in reviewing MRI scan. I am happy with the way he approaches the patient.

Suraj Kashyap

Suraj Kashyap

Bangalore, India

Had consulted Dr. Vikram Huded for my father in Bangalore at NH Health City, it was an emergency situation and he took personal care of my father and was constantly in touch with us through out the procedure. He was humble enough to also explain us all procedures he took along with the results. We are very happy with the service which doctor provided us and will always be greatful!
Thank you.

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