Cases & Images

Wide neck superior Cerebellar artery aneurysm. Used balloon to save the Sca artery and coiling was done successfully.

Anterior SSS Dural fistula, successful Embolisation using onyx liquid Embolic material. Dural fistula is one of condition which can cause brain haemorrhage and it can safely be treated by Endovascular Embolisation.

Stent assisted coiling of two adjacent aneurysms, challenging Case. The important stent is this case is to save artery to the eye( ophthalmic artery).

Wide neck ACOM Aneurysm , successful coiling with balloon assistance.

Young patient presented with severe headache. Ct scan showed brain haemorrhage. Angiogram showed Very small acom aneurysm…. very difficult to coil. But with newer coils it can be done. Patient is doing fine.

Severe narrowing of blood vessel inside the brain and patient had recurrent strokes on medications. Did intracranial STENTING in distal M1 segment of MCA… challenging Case. But can be done

One more case of brain haemorrhage… ct angiogram done outside was normal. We did dsa which showed aneurysm in distal aca. Underwent successful coil Embolisation and aneurysm was cured. Discharged the patient in few days time. It is important to do dsa for patient with brain haemorrhage…..

Case of indirect ccf with reflux into posterior Fossa. Presented with bulging of eyes. There was no acces to treat the fistula. We did Endovascular treatment by transvenous approach by drilling ips and cured the fistula. Patient eye symptoms improved and even prevented bleeding inside the brain.

Wide neck ica aneurysm with small ant choroidal coming next to the aneurysm . Did balloon assisted coiling. It was possible to cure the aneurysm and save the small artery….

Case of dissection of carotid artery…. commonest cause is Neck manipulation during hair cutting. Please avoid Neck manipulation it can produce stroke and even death. This patient underwent carotid STENTING and the dissection was cured….

13 year boy came with 2 hours of weakness on one side of body suggestive of stroke. Did mechanical thrombectomy and block was removed. The stroke symptoms completely reversed and patient is saved. Stroke can affect anyone at any age It is important to recognise the symptoms of stroke and reach stroke ready hospital…. with present improvement in technology patients can be saved

Isolated transverse sinus Dural fistula … treated by Endovascular Embolisation. With the present materials it is very easy to treat this type of cases by Endovascular techniques

Pre op vascular tumor Embolisation. There will be minimal blood loss during surgery. Earlier it was very difficult to treat such cases.

Large partially Thrombosed ica aneurysm. Presently we are not using coils. We are using flow Divertor’s and immediately there is stasis of contrast and aneurysm will shrink in few months time. Excellent device to cure unruptured large aneurysms

Pregnant lady developed brain haemorrhage after delivery. Dsa showed aneurysm in Basilar artery. Earlier it was not possible to treat these cases. Now a days flow Divertor STENTING is an option. The patient is saved.

Acute stroke with Icad presented in 5 hours time. Did thrombectomy and Angioplasty….. patient improved significantly.

Small aneurysm with brain haemorrhage which was not detected in CT angiogram. Did Endovascular coiling and aneurysm cured

Severe narrowing in a tortuous blood vessel. Post STENTING no residual stenosis. Earlier it was very difficult to treat these conditions. With new devices it is possible to do these cases now

Patient had Ica aneurysm, underwent flow Divertor STENTING. Very good option for brain aneurysm without putting coils in the sac of aneurysm. In 6 months to 12 months the aneurysm will shrink and heals completely. This will prevent brain haemorrhage

Had placed flow Divertor for this patient with multiple aneurysm. Did check angiogram and the aneurysm has disappeared. Flow Divertor works beautifully.

Ica aneurysm with tortuous vessel, deployed flow Divertor. Few coils were also placed.

31y young presented with stroke 14 hours onset. Did Mechanical thrombectomy and patient improved significantly in 24 hours time. With recent Endovascular trials dawn and diffuse, the window for stroke has been extended to 24hours. We used Rapid imaging technique to select the patient for thrombectomy.

We are seeing more and more young patients with stroke. It is important to remember the pneumonic FAST
F – facial asymmetry
A – arm weakness
S- Speach disturbance
T- time to reach stroke ready hospital.

Patient had Brain haemorrhage, Angio showed multiple aneurysm underwent coiling outside india. We deployed Flow Divertor across all the aneurysm.

Young girl with bleeding in her brain showed brain avm. We did Embolisation and it was cured completely.

50 y male post head injury direct carotico cavernous fistula

Post Embolization no residual fistula